The Cambridge Edition

of the

Complete Fiction of Henry James




        General Editors

            Michael Anesko, Pennsylvania State University

            Tamara Follini, Cambridge University

            Philip Horne, University College London

            Adrian Poole, Cambridge University

The Portrait of a Lady

edited by

Michael Anesko

    The Pennsylvania State University

A scholarly edition of Henry James’s fiction is long overdue.  The passage of time and the consolidation of James’s standing both in the academy and with the general reader make an authoritative modern critical edition of James’s fiction timely.  Enough scholarly work has been done recently on James’s life and career, and on the cultural and publishing history of the period, to allow the production of a full and informative historical edition presenting the texts in accurate form, with extensive annotation and introductions detailing the histories of composition, publication, authorial revision, and public reception.  The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James, in thirty volumes, will include all of James’s novels and tales, with separate volumes for the Notebooks and the New York Edition Prefaces.

Editor’s Introduction